All testimonials are authentic.  Some of them sound too good to be true but we assure you they are unsolicited and real.

We will be more than happy to put you in direct contact with any of our clients if you need more feedback or validation.



Client Testimonials (i.e. Employers)


[Enlist Representative],

Hope all is well,

I had a [Client Name] Team member request for 2 quotes (From Enlist and [incumbent]) re a lease that he wanted to consider

Enlist has come out on top and he is strongly considering pursuing Enlist

Great job in getting a competitive quote in,

Have a great weekend

Kind regards

Financial Controller        Manufacturing Sector            120 employees


“Enlist has been a fantastic Novated Leasing partner. Consistent feedback from our employees is that Enlist are very responsive, attentive and have a great customer service ethic. Their reporting support also makes our job of managing the provision of Novated Leasing much easier”

General Manager HR             Engineering Industry Sector            3,000 employees


Prior to Enlist coming on board we steered away from offering novated leases, as previous experiences with other providers proved to be difficult, time consuming and placed a lot of stress on our administration teams.

Enlist offered a completely outsourced program with minimal administration required from our payroll and finance area.

The Employee feedback to date has been extremely positive. Our workforce demographics vary widely and some employees require special attention. Enlist understands our culture and is able to adapt to these needs.

Enlist’s response times are great, information is clearly explained and easily accessible, and the process with documentation flow for leases to our employees is done so with a minimum of fuss and paperwork. Even transfers from previous lease agreements have been seamless.

Overall, the Enlist team is professional yet approachable, their systems deliver a novated lease program that is so easy for us to work with, and they are one of few suppliers we actually enjoying dealing with. We have no hesitations in recommending Enlist as a service provider.

G.M. Human Resources           Utilities Provider               200 employees


“Thank you!  You have made dealing with novated leases much easier than it usually is! Keep that up and you’ll always come out on top!”

Payroll Administrator            IT Industry Sector               360 employees


“Thank you.  I have enjoyed working with you over the last few years.  You should be proud of what your company has achieved as I have found that enlist is the best salary sacrificing firm to deal with by a large margin.

I have found out that my new firm don’t have a provider as yet.

I will be in touch with you in the next few months to see if we can bring you on board.”

Finance Manager                Construction Industry Sector               200 employees


“We have found the consultation process for employees very thorough and well received.  The interface between our departments including payroll, HR and finance has been accurate, timely and personable, and the level of reporting is excellent.  The monthly statements to both employees and company provide a very accurate and detailed snap shot of each vehicle and salary package status.

From the product perspective, PaySync has been extremely well received with our administration requirements across all divisions now very much at a minimum and the FBT data that Enlist provide has been of great benefit.

Our orginisation recognises the very significant benefits delivered by Enlist since becoming our fleet manager and are satisfied with our decision to do so.”

Global Financial Officer                Manufacturing & Retail Industry Sectors         1,000 employees




Customer Testimonials (i.e. Employees)



Good morning, I have just leased a car though Enlist and must tell you of the excellent service I received from [Enlist Consultant]. [He] was helpful and patient in assisting me though this process, his explanations were clear and thorough and his responses prompt. I will certainly be recommending novated leasing through Enlist to our staff. Thank you

08/05/15                          Happy Customer, L.H.         Services Sector


Dear [Enlist Representative],

I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with your work. 

I am enormously grateful for the effort you made during the acquisition of my new Renault Clio. You have been extremely supportive as well as understanding and I appreciate the efforts you made to expedite the hours of work required in the short time I made available to you. Throughout the process I was kept updated on progress and despite my lack of knowledge I was guided through exactly what was required and the time it was likely to take.

It is terrific to be able to have such a competent and professional support available as I embark on my first lease.

I am delighted with my new vehicle, and thought I would share my regards with you as a small token of thanks.


02/04/15                          Happy Customer, M.E.         Government Sector



Many thanks [Enlist Representative], 

I am collecting the car tomorrow.  Thank you so much for the speed at which you and {Enlist Consultant] have worked.

A friend at another company waited several weeks for processing so I feel very grateful.

Many thanks,

26/03/15                          Happy Customer, M.F.         Government Sector



Hi [Enlist Consultant], 

I wanted to thank you again for everything!

You attended to all my questions and followed up with everything from start til end.

You are so professional and very friendly at the same time and that made such a huge difference with my choice in a leasing company. The experience was excellent!

I hope you let your managers know what a wonderful team they have! 


26/11/14                          Happy Customer, Y.T.         Corporate Services Industry Sector


Hello [Enlist consultant],

Thank you kindly.

I would also like to commend you on the wonderful and professional service.

I would highly recommend Enlist to interested parties.

Kind Regards, 

26/11/14                          Happy Customer, T.L.         Global Manufacturing Sector 


Morning [Enlist Consultant],

Thank you so much.

Let me say again what an absolute pleasure it has been to deal with you and I look forward to a long and beneficial relationship with Enlist.

30/10/14                          Happy Customer, J.L.         Asset Management Industry


Thank you for your help – especially your knowledgeable responses and fast turn-around. I’ve been very impressed.

04/08/2014                          Happy Customer, K.L.          Telecommunications Industry


Hi [Enlist]

Thank you so much for your support during the process and I have put word out how easy and great it is so here’s hoping more get on board and you get more business.

have a great day

16/06/2014                          Happy Customer, M.B.          Hospitality


Hi [Enlist]

I have recently started a novated lease through Enlist. [Enlist Consultant] has been my Enlist representative.

I just wanted to forward to yourself that I was extremely happy with her service and professionalism.  I would highly recommend her and believe she deserved to be recognised for her efforts.

I called often from early morning to late evening and she was always available and more than helpful throughout.

My initial car dealer wasn’t professional and Sarah contacted him demanding answers and putting myself & [my employer] first.

I believe her efforts should be recognised, whether that’s a note on her personal file or simply a pat on the back.

05/06/2014                          Happy Customer, K.H.          Global Engineering Sector


Hi [Enlist]

I just wanted to let you know what an absolute pleasure it has been dealing with [Enlist Consultant] for my [lease] set up. She has been efficient, professional and her turnaround  has been amazing.

One very happy customer J


28/05/2014                          Happy Customer, I.W.          Corporate Services Industry Sector


Woo hoo! Thanks heaps [Enlist Consultant] for smashing it all through so quickly so we could get that deal, I nominate you for employee of the month! Pretty excited here, waiting for [dealer] to call.
All the best

30/04/2014                          Happy Customer, D.G.          Global Engineering Sector


Hi [Enlist],

I am very appreciative of the effort [Enlist representative] went to in fixing an issue with [supplier]. She saved me a considerable amount of money. [Enlist representative] could have just dismissed my issue bureaucratically, as it was all my fault, but instead took up the issue and solved it in the best possible way.

[Enlist Representative’s] continuing pleasant demeanour and attitude reflect very well on Enlist and I am sure she is an asset to the company.

If you can suggest a way to reward Janet I will gladly contribute some funds toward that recognition.

24/04/2014                          Happy Customer, N.A.          Corporate Services Industry Sector


Dear [Enlist Representatives]

A brief note to thank you both for the efficient, hassle free and professional manner in the way you arranged the vehicle lease.  I leased a vehicle once before, (through Leaseplan) and I can say quite honestly that the service you guys provided put Leaseplan to shame.

I will not hesitate to recommend your firm to any of my colleagues who are looking to lease a car.

Thanks also to [Enlist representative]; I didn’t deal with her directly but I know the dealer did and he spoke well of her.


18/04/2014                          Happy Customer, M.C.          Corporate Services Industry Sector


Thanks again for all your help during the past few weeks, you have certainly made it a very straightforward and easy process.

04/02/2014                          Happy Customer, G.O.          Corporate Services Industry Sector


Thanks for that.

I have to say you have made what is/was possibly a complicated process a pleasure to go through.


03/06/2013                          Happy Customer, S.S.           Government Sector


“We love our new car and have been cruising around everywhere in it.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank [Dealer]  for his excellent service as I feel he went above and beyond what most sales people would do considering we never met, and interstate transport was involved, and I would gladly recommend his services to anyone interested in purchasing a vehicle.

Also I would like to sincerely thank you [Enlist] for your outstanding professional service and guidance throughout this process.

This was the first time I have leased a vehicle and you made it an easy, effortless exercise on my behalf with all the information supplied as I required it. Your product knowledge is very extensive and your phone mannerisms and people skills are outstanding. I have already recommended you to a few people for a lease.

17/04/13                          Happy Customer, C.D.             Corporate Sector


“The reason for this email is to let you know that I am truly gracious for the help your staff have provided to me. In particular, I would like to give special praise to Ben who was instrumental in providing outstanding service and ensuring I got my dream car. He bent over backwards to make sure I was happy. From a customer point of view, this service is very, very hard to find.

Ben was professional, personal and most of all made sure he did what he could to make my dreams come true – I truly want to say thanks to him and most importantly, let you know that he is a good bloke 🙂

So, I have been with my company for almost 10 years now and I am glad that they have you on their side. I really do appreciate all the efforts you guys made in making sure that I, as a customer, was happy.”

13/10/12                          Happy Customer, D.B.             IT Industry Sector


“I have found that using Enlist to get a novated lease on my car has been a good process. From the start, with good information available upfront, to the constant feedback during the process – it has been as painless as I could have hoped for. Although I had numerous issues with my bank getting the correct details passed on, during this time – Enlist helped me considerably to get the process moving along.

All up – I am happy to recommend Enlist to anyone who wants to go down the novated lease path.

12/06/12                          Happy Customer, J.C.              Utilities Industry Sector


“Essentially I wanted to provide some extremely positive feedback.   Enlist has been fantastic throughout the process and has responded to my (often stupid) questions with clear answers and in record times.

It’s rare to receive top notch customer service these days and something I really value. This experience obviously makes it easier for us to continue to refer employees and gives me confidence they will have a good experience also.”

22/02/12                           Happy Customer, J.P.              Corporate Services Industry Sector


“You have outperformed my expectations on all counts. I have bought numerous cars through (name of provider removed) for my business and have never had service like Enlist, I look forward to providing you with some referrals.  Please forward this to your manager and I look forward to taking you for a drive next week.”

08/06/12                          Happy Customer, M.N.            IT Industry Sector


”  My husband recently signed a contract with your company for a Novated Lease.  Due to my husband’s work situation it was necessary that I arrange the specifics/documents for the lease on his behalf until the signing of the actual contract.

I have worked for many years in management roles and have very high expectations of customer service, however I feel obliged to convey that you met every one.   On numerous occasions you carefully explained the contract and its mechanics and at no time ever made me feel inconsequential in regard to my concerns or questions.

You were always kind, professional and extremely approachable, even at the end of the working day , when let’s face it, we are all probably tired and not at our best.

I hope that your management appreciate your industriousness and realize what a valuable asses they have.  You truly provided us outstanding service from the start to the finish. “

28/06/12                          Happy Customer, J.E.              Telecommunications Industry Sector


“I had requested that the dealer have my vehicle ready for pick up on Thursday (today), however due to it being a short week because of the public holiday my lease arrangement may not have been ready. To add to this the end of year financial sales would have meant plenty of purchases over the long weekend to wade through. Janet was kind enough to tell me it may not make it on time and it could be ready Friday. However when I explained that I was booked in to hospital to undergo a knee reconstruction today and I would not be able to drive for 6 weeks, Janet hastened the process and forwarded me the relevant documentation straight away. Thus ensuring I receive my car today.

Could you please ensure Janet’s excellent customer service doesn’t go unnoticed.”

17/06/10                          Happy Customer, W.B.            Defence Industry Sector


“I would just like to say that my dealings so far with the new salary sacrifice company have been a walk in the park compared to the last company.

They actually get back to you with emails etc – its great.

I am so glad we changed over.  Smooth sailing from here on in.”

08/08/07                          Happy Customer, J.G.              Internet Service Industry Sector