Novated Leases

For many people, a vehicle is the next most important and expensive thing they will purchase after their home, so the decision of what to buy and how to buy it is one that needs to be well considered.

For the vast majority of people, a Novated lease is the most cost effective way to buy and operate a vehicle compared to any other available option. The reason is simple.  A novated lease allows for some, if not all, of the finance costs and running costs to be paid in pre tax dollars.

Enlist can show you a comparison between a novated lease arrangement and any alternative method to buy and run a car, and you will be able to ascertain the exact cost benefit for yourself.

Let us show you how salary sacrificing the purchase and running costs of your vehicle will save you money and put more of your salary back into your pocket. We will go through all aspects of the Novated lease, explain Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) and ultimately how to structure your vehicle salary sacrifice in the most tax effective way.

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